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+1 is the right number of bikes to own. It’s also a perfect name for a shopping app that sells the nichest brands for true cycling enthusiasts.

Project name
20 weeks
Branding, Digital
n+1 cycling app banner
n+1 cycling app banner

The leg work.

The team behind n+1 set out to fill the market gap by creating the only shopping app you'd ever need as a cyclist maniac. The mission was to create the brand from scratch, including the name; the challenge was to both establish a unique voice in the market and at the same time create a seamless shop-front to display other brands without stealing the spotlight, Following research into the competition, the target audience and the market, we mapped out the brand's positioning and key messages. This is what went into the foundation for the next steps: naming and identity.

The positioning formula

Meet n+1.

This naming was born straight out of the bible of the cycling prophets, the Velominati: "the correct number of bikes to own is n+1". It was a perfect name as it spoke directly with the heart of the target audience, and also hit the sweet spot for what an ideal shop should do: provide endless options, products, services. So n+1 was born, and the visual identity followed swiftly.

n+1 shop logo
nplus1 splash screen
nplus1 pattern
nplus1 brand
nplus1 brand patterns
nplus1 apparel
nplus1 shop
nplus1 app

The results.

We were working to a very mean deadline, as the MVP had to go live within several months from kickoff. This was our new record high: four weeks for a full branding project, including the naming.

Self is a team that brings intelligence, thoroughness of research and their rich personal background to make a final product not only beautiful and aesthetically correct but entirely relevant to your industry. Why I choose Self to work with N+1 on a long-term basis? I believe they will add competitive edge to our brand identity making it smart and distinct every day of the year.
Paul Gorbach
Paul Gorbach
CEO of n+1