At Self we occasionally get briefs from healthcare clients that involve visual storytelling that needs to convey trust, reliability, and safety. This article notes some thoughts about our approach in integrating these crucial themes into every aspect of our productions. 

From storytelling and color choice to lighting, editing, and sound design, each element plays a role in delivering content that resonates with authenticity and ethical sensitivity in the healthcare field.

1. Storytelling and Color Choice

Our storytelling approach centers on authenticity and connection. We focus on narratives that reflect real-life healthcare scenarios, emphasizing human experiences and emotions. This approach helps build trust with the audience, as they see genuine representations of healthcare environments and interactions.

A key here is detail; rather than the abstract storytelling you see in, for example, perfume adverts, we want to showcase real customers’ healthcare experiences and journeys.

Sometimes we choose to convey things with abstracted graphics – eg for LabClick, a blood testing client, no-one wants to show blood on film – and so instead we chose to express the healthcare journey through shapes and colors reminiscent of nature:

Visuals for a client, LabClick –

2. Color Choice for Reliability and Safety

Color also plays a subtle yet significant role in thematic expression. We often use blues and greens for their calming and trustworthy connotations, reinforcing a sense of reliability and safety. Warmer tones can be used to highlight human warmth and care within the healthcare setting, adding depth to the storytelling.

3. Lighting for Mood and Atmosphere

Lighting is crucial in setting the right mood. Soft, natural lighting is used to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere, avoiding harsh shadows or overly dramatic effects. This approach ensures the environment is perceived as safe and trustworthy.

4. Include a Friendly Face

We place a strong emphasis on humanizing healthcare environments. Our films often feature scenes in friendly, approachable settings, showcasing interactions between healthcare professionals and patients that are caring and compassionate. This approach helps demystify medical environments, making them more relatable and less intimidating to the audience.

Not quite a film – but a brief animated video we put together for TakeCare UK ( to express trust and friendliness for their product

5. Editing for Clarity and Cohesion

There are many different ways to edit footage. Our editing style prioritizes clarity and flow, ensuring that the narrative is easy to follow and reinforces the themes of trust and safety. We avoid rapid cuts or jarring transitions, opting for smooth edits that provide a sense of continuity and reliability.

6. Sound Design and Trust-Inducing Music 

Sound is a powerful tool for emotional resonance. We use soundscapes that mirror the calm and professional nature of healthcare settings. Natural sounds from the environment, like the beeping of medical equipment, are incorporated to enhance realism.

With music too, we always choose it in line with the themes of trust and safety. Gentle, unobtrusive music can create a comforting backdrop, while clear and concise voiceovers help in delivering information in a trustworthy manner.


In healthcare video production, the challenge lies in balancing informative content with the themes of trust, reliability, and safety. Our studio embraces this challenge, meticulously crafting each element of our films - from storytelling and color selection to lighting, editing, and sound design.

And if you want to explore the intricacies of healthcare filmmaking, our skilled and dedicated team is ready to share our expertise and collaborate on projects that require a nuanced and sensitive approach. Our commitment is to produce content that not only informs but also resonates with the highest standards of ethical and empathetic storytelling.

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